RE: some U.S. observations and notes

From: Amara Graps (
Date: Sat Dec 29 2001 - 15:42:52 MST

>From: Michael Wiik [<>]
>I know how you feel. That's why I'd prefer to carry a nuke, set to go
>off if I die (or perhaps under a variety of conditions). Like the guy in
>Snowcrash (think it was the guy with 'Poor Self Control' tattoed on his
>forehead). This way I hope to incentivise others to keep me safe.

>From: "Smigrodzki, Rafal"
>### Actually, should I encounter a person with a nuke wired to his
>head, I would consider it a civic duty to kill him (by a remote
>drone, preferably after sedating him, then transporting to an
>unpopulated area) - in this way I would save lots of innocent lives
>by preventing his nuke from accidental or planned in-city explosion.
>Then I would kill everybody involved in the procurement of the nuke,
>including the electrophysiologist who made the EEG-detonator setup.
>Then I widely publicize my willingness and ability to continue such
>actions as needed. In this way I would save even more innocent

oh Yea? I would eliminate the source of the Pu 239, going to every
nuclear power plant and taking the irradiated fuel rod cannisters
and killing all those people who work at the plants. Then I would
put those cannisters on the next Ariane rocket scheduled to launch,
and send them into space and eliminate those people at the launch site
too. And just in case some Pu 239 was being transported on the
highways, I would kill every truck driver. Oh, and to make sure more
Pu 239 wasn't going to be transported on the roads, I would take
some explosives and blow up all of the roads. Then to make sure the
trains didn't transport Pu 239, I would put garbage on the railroad
lines to crash the trains. Then after that, I would blow up all
off-road vehicles with their drivers. But just in case someone would
try to carry Pu 239 in their backpack on a hike, I would save more
innocent lives by blowing up all of the hikers. Then I would
eliminate anyone else's temptation to carry Pu 239, and blow up all
hiking paths. Then just to be sure, I would starlift the outer
layers of the Sun burn the Earth to a cinder.

>I could get pretty bloodthirsty with a guy waving a nuke in my face.

yeah <grunt grunt>

me too


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