Re: THREAT ASSESSMENT, was Re: some U.S. observations and notes

From: KPJ (
Date: Sat Dec 29 2001 - 15:04:31 MST

It appears as if Michael M. Butler <> wrote:
|I refuse to condemn Mike Wiik solely on the basis of his having
|a pocket nuke and a puckish sense of humor. I consider those two
|pieces of data to be neutral and positive, respectively.
|More date is needed.

OK, Mike of Borg will use his pocket nuke connected to whether his
nose starts running or not: if it starts to run, poff goes the
neighbourhood. If not, no big-badda-boom.

This will surely mean that everyone will try to keep his nose dry?

Or Benny of Borg will wire his pocket nuke to explode when people
are nasty to him, in an effort for a friendlier society.

This will surely mean that everyone will be polite around him?

If you don't like these two examples, The Borg have several others. |-]

Now, feel free to state your comments. "The audience is listening."

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