ROBOT: NASA Joins Other Sponsors In National Robotics Contest

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Date: Fri Dec 28 2001 - 06:49:42 MST

Beginning Jan. 5, NASA-sponsored teams at 200 high schools will start building
robots in a nationwide annual competition aimed toward a national championship
at Disney World in April.
The NASA-sponsored teams will join hundreds of others in constructing robots
that will compete in regional contests and a final, national competition in
April at Disney World's EPCOT Center, Orlando, Fla. Students at the competing
schools will be challenged to design a robot that will complete a specified
set of tasks within rules to be outlined next week.
The robotics project will kick off at the Verizon Center in Manchester, N.H.,
with a demonstration of the task for this year's regional and national
competitions. Rules, goals and other details, such as the layout of the
playing field, will be revealed during NASA TV's broadcast of the ceremony.
Detailed requirements of the robotic games are carefully guarded until
announced at the kickoff event.
"Education is key to the success of our country, and this approach represents
one of the most powerful ways to get students motivated," said Mark Leon,
project manager of the Robotics Education Project at
NASA's Ames Research Center, in California's Silicon Valley. "Some of these
student may go on to help NASA engage in bold new missions of exploration of
our solar system. The idea here is to involve students in hands-on activities
to turn them on to science and math."

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