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From: Reason (
Date: Fri Dec 28 2001 - 01:59:39 MST

> Anyway, I was discussing the idea of lawyer-bots with my group's CTO,
> and how we might be able to develop them. The closest thing he had
> heard of was a limited use script, used by some Brazilian judges to
> quickly decide standard traffic cases (accidents, et cetera). I
> proposed, as a first generation, a lawyer's aide that could predict,
> better than lawyers themselves with the tools they currently have, what
> the likely outcome of a case would be, based on the facts available and
> the evidence each side was likely to be able to obtain. (I had to
> justify this in monetary terms somehow, and that seemed an easy path
> from tech to money. Besides, it was an extension of the Brazilian
> script he already knew was working.)
> He seemed to like the idea and believed the core tech was feasable, but
> soured on the interface: if it's going to be the hundreds or thousands
> of pull-down menus and similar widgets needed to properly classify a
> case, forget it. I considered free-text entry, say like an advanced
> chatbot, but figured that natural language processing probably is not
> advanced enough for use by lawyers (except those lawyers who are also
> geeks, but that dramatically narrows the target market).
> problem?

I would disagree -- natural language processing is certainly advanced enough
to deal with this sort of thing, if I userstand correctly what you're after.
Anyone on the list care to help me out with some more pertinant links beyond
the general ones below? (starting point) (immature open source project) (less relevant, more mature open


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