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Date: Thu Dec 27 2001 - 22:37:33 MST

From: "Phil Osborn" <>
> Maybe the reason that so many men are in jail (vs. women) has something to
do with the makeup of juries, the kind of persons making arrests, the majority
controlling what laws are passed, and the people who own the country.

Those are all excellent points, Phil.
But I still think that the disproportionate number of male convicts is an
indication of sex differences. Don't forget that the justice and prison
systems were built by men.

> My understanding is that juries tend to be dominated by women. Most
arresting officers are men, who have shown a marked disinclination to arrest
women (note my prior remarks re spousal abuse, e.g., the arrest rate of women
jumping from zero to 20% when they began putting female officers on the

Yes indeed, anti-male discrimination is ubiquitous. In fact, it's so pervasive
that most people never even see it, because it's taken for granted. Men think
it's normal to dislike men, and so do their sisters.

> Next, 60% of the votes cast in the U.S. are by women, who can thus
reasonably be held accountable for the U.S. not just arresting so many more
men, but in general arresting and incarcerating more people per capita than
any other nation in the world, past or present. Then, according to the Feds,
women own 70% of the real property and make 85% (!) of the consumer purchases,
not mention living about 13% longer than men in the U.S.

Yes, but despite the fact that womyn dominate economically and legally, and
despite enormous social programs to advance females, men still manage to
become presidents and CEOs of most US corporations. That's because when
measuring performance objectively, men outperform females in every area of
endeavor which requires creativity, originality, productivity, and acquired

> Don't be fooled. Women run and own the U.S. and have for many decades. Men
are and have been 2nd class citizens, with far fewer benefits or safety nets
provided, so it should not be any surprise to see them dominating the prison

I think the way it works is that men are represented at the extremes of
cognitive ability more than are females. For example, although there are more
male morons than female morons, there are also more male geniuses than female
geniuses. Likewise, there are more male criminals than female criminals, but
there are also more male community leaders than female ones. I guess there's
just more diversity and variability in the male than in the female of the
species. That may also explain why men rather than womyn first became buddhas.

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