Re: Dumping

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Wed Dec 26 2001 - 17:34:24 MST wrote:
> <<Predatory trade" is just a euphemism for low prices.>>
> Doesn't "trade organizations" such as the Japanese gaibatsu and zaibatsu
> effect your premise? So it wouldn't be a nation state that is successfully
> performing such trade practices, but an aggreagte that runs the economy of
> such a nation.
> Perhaps India's population (should similar orgs exist in India) gets screwed
> over, as well as the American public, while those in some kind of 'trade
> cabal' would be the main profiters. Having said that, one has to posit
> whether the world is all the terrible from an American point of view? It does
> come down, not upon principle, but on whether the American public is
> comparatively, content. At least as far as the American governance is
> concerned.

Are you implying that it does not matter how badly others our
screwed as long as we are content? I hope not. It clearly does
matter unless you want to spend 50 years (arbitrary time block
before Singularity a la Vinge) doing military actions all over
the globe and worse because "we don't have to care".

- samantha

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