Re: Opening chapters of Damien's new novel now online

From: Jacques Du Pasquier (
Date: Wed Dec 26 2001 - 12:56:10 MST

Spike Jones wrote (25.12.2001/08:43) :
> Barbara Lamar wrote:
> > TRANSCENSION is set in one possible post-Spike world...
> I find that term oddly disturbing. spike

It is phonologically audacious. You have the 3 consonants clusters
/tr/ /ns/ /nsh/ in a row. Then /t/ /s/ and /sh/ are all "mute" sounds,
very similar to one another (turn one into its "voiced" variant and
you'll get more variety, like : tranzention, similar to "transition"),
and all vowels are followed by nasal /n/ : so you have limited
phonetic variety and balance.

Sounds a bit Asian-like : Hello, my name is Tran Sen Shion.

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