Re: el duende

From: scerir (
Date: Wed Dec 26 2001 - 11:26:30 MST

> Jacques Du Pasquier
> Similarly, the duende meme may be strong (= traditional) for the same
> reasons : while people improvise words about what it is (and some very
> nice samples are given by scerir), they are set free from the rut more
> efficiently than in any other way.
> A vaster form of this may be the art meme itself. How many "inspired"
> writings about art ? And yet, how much of all that stuff is in any way
> conclusive ?

Victor Weisskopf wrote that science turns a single phenomenon
into a general form (law) and art turns a _general_ experience
into a single form. (Victor Weisskopf, The Privilege of Being
a Physicist, 1989 ?).

Weisskopf's argument - which is not totally free of faults -
is similar to yours, in some way, imo.


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