Re: Dumping

Date: Wed Dec 26 2001 - 10:26:31 MST commented:

<<Perhaps I missed a post or two here, but it seems no one has pointed out
the fact that, using Japan as an example, their whole government is geared
to working alongside the large corporations to achieve market share, while
in America, the government seems hell-bent on slowly destroying whole
industries with taxes, regulations, and interference, while passing
protectionist laws benefiting only some powerful companies at the expense
of American buyers.

Left alone, I expect American companies could easily weather dumping from
Japan or elsewhere.

Chuck Kuecker>>

This seems to have been historical fact, as the term is used. However, if you
 observe the Japanese economy over the last 11 years, their economic bubble
has burst. So, do you sense that this is because of their united
corporate-governement policies undertaken by the zaibatsu? Or was this
caused by other factors, besides their protectionism, and economic "warfare"

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