Re: Dumping (was: Local Groups Wanted!)

Date: Wed Dec 26 2001 - 05:24:50 MST observed:

<<That's a good example. I've also heard that the Japanese have refused to
the importation of lumber from the US, claiming that US lumber doesn't meet
their dimensional requirements, despite that US mills have offered to cut
timber to any specified dimensions. So, the Japanese buy timber from Oregon,
build furniture and other products out of it, and sell the finished products
to the US. With trade partners like that, it's no wonder the US has huge

The Japanese means of quotas in order to "protect" their economy is legion.
One memorable example was the refusal to permit American made snow skis to be
sold in Japan, because Japanese snow was 'different.' Some nation states and
peoples will do whatever they feel is in their self interests (however
misguided it may be) despite the evidence to the contrary, so be it. This
does give the Japanese a trade advantage, and as long as they wish to do it,
they will.

Notice that the Japanese electorate seem content to live in a less, plush,
economy during the last 10 years, while the USA enjoyed the longest
prosperity in its history. My point is that they are content with their trade
practices. If at some point the USA demands reciprocity, and mutuality on
trade, then, for better or worse; the Japanese will become discontent.
Perhaps it is in the USA's interest to ignore unfair trade practices by the

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