Re: after all that bullshit about ad hominems, here we go again?

From: John Grigg (
Date: Tue Dec 25 2001 - 02:36:22 MST

Mike wrote:
But when given a choice between hitting that deer or that telephone pole, the men choose the deer, the women choose the telephone pole.

Spudboy responded:
Hey! But it was a foggy night and there was a a deer standing in front of the
telephone pole. ;-)

I mentioned to a visiting friend that I knew a "spudboy" on the email list here. The name immediately grabbed his attention and he wondered if you took the moniker because you were adept with the deadly spudgun. He told me that as a kid he loved the loud "pop" sound created when he fired at his intended targets(people and animals!).

Also, he wanted to know since you are an extropian if you had developed a highpowered laser-sighted machine gun version of the of the spudgun? This would enable you to deal with any deer in the road...

best wishes,


P.S. A final question from him, what part of Idaho do you come from? :)

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