Re: Markets and employment [was: Re: Local Groups Wanted!]

From: Olga Bourlin (
Date: Sun Dec 23 2001 - 20:05:27 MST

From: "Mike Lorrey" <>

> Olga Bourlin wrote:
> > In my own locality of King County, Washington, voters defeated an
> > Affirmative Action bill not too long ago. Do I think that was racist?
> > While some people think Affirmative Action itself is "racist" (even
> > the group of people who've benefited the most from Affirmative Action in
> > past, I believe, have been "white" women) I think it balances things out
> > better (and much faster) than if humans were left to root out for the
> > of human kindness on their own.
> So you say that you support affirmative action, despite the fact that
> the people who have benefitted the most, women, are actually the
> majority of the population, to the detriment of the male minority? Isn't
> that rather bigoted of you?

Hell, no. I am for gender equality. I think women not working (and not
pulling their own weight) is detrimental to men! Equal rights = equal
responsibility, eh? How does that make me bigoted? I support men - I want
women to get their asses in gear and stop playing victim-victim. As to the
business of majority-minority, it's essentially meaningless. In Africa a
few years ago when apartheid was in flower it was the majority of the
population that suffered under the minority colonial rule. What is
important is oppression - who oppresses whom and why, and what happens as a


> >
> > While Mike may not have been complaining directly, it seemed as if he
> > playing a kind of "blame game" with racist overtones, at the very least.
> I think you are reading my posts with excrement-colored glasses.
> >
> > > He simply gave his view of why he lost his job, fairly
> > > plausibly.
> >
> > And I've simply given my view of how what Mike said came across to me.
> > have nothing against Mike personally.
> Obviously not, obviously. While I don't care how you think of me, it
> does bother me that a person such as yourself could make such
> unsubstantiated leaps of illogic, prejudice, and admit to her own bias
> for the majority against the minority, yet somehow be offended when you
> conclude, more due to your own prejudices than anything I actually
> wrote, that I am somehow racist. That such people continue to populate a
> list allegedly devoted to rationality and logic speaks volumes for the
> degree of verbal strife that continues here.
> I also find it rather disengenuous that you a) consider me a racist,
> despite a lack of my actually demonstrating same, and b) are not
> personally offended by such a conclusion. If you so readily jump to such
> a conclusion on a total lack of real evidence, it is obvious that you
> are looking for something to be offended by. The least you can do is
> admit it.

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