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Date: Sun Dec 23 2001 - 16:31:05 MST

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>Robert Bradbury wrote:
>When people ask why I'm not signed up for cryonics, I tell
>them its because I view my risk of death from an airplane
>accident as being higher than my risk of death from any
>other cause I can think of.

Isn't Bradbury the guy who said to me that Extropianism is mainly
about precipitating the Singularity and the rapid rate of chage needed
to do so? And that Extropianism might require sacrificing (in as many
words) ourselves so as to bring about the Singularity? And something
about acorns and oak trees? Do I have to partake of the body of the
Singularity (or is it the Friendly AI?) before I am changed?

The people who do most of the posting here are not really concerned
with immortality, but instead with the Singularity.,

That pretty much goes along with the general tenor of this list,
specifically the rampant political correctness and and rigid adherence
to neoconservative & Randian doctrine.

>I am now waiting for my life-insurance policy for the purposes of a cryonics
>contract to be approved. As Germans say "Sicher ist sicher", and 89$ a year
>+ Alcor membership fees is not much for a little peace of mind.

Well, good, but we had better rein in CorpGovMedia, or pretty soon
America will essentially be a Latin American country.

Honestly, how many Latin American countries do you think would support
a middle and lower middle class cryonics movement? The answer--none!
The 3rd worldization of America may be fine for doctors, such as
yourself and wealthy law firm partners and those made wealthy by the
stock market lottery (immigration only helps them by giving their
wealth more leverage)--they may simply increase 100 fold the dues for
cryonics and fortify cryonics facilities. But mass 3rd world
immigration may be a death sentence for the rest of us. That fits in
nicely with Randian doctrine, eh. But you may want to rethink
that--although pro immigration propaganda spewed by CorpGovMedia
states that such 3rd world countries (with people of color) are ever
so tolerant...what a colossal joke!

BTW, Alcor membership dues ~$400/yr...

And to answer those on this list who would accuse me and other of
"xenophobia", I do not like the cultures of those who come to this
country from the 3rd world. You don't like it when I publicly voice
my feelings about immigration and the relative worth of cultures?
Tough titty!
I will continue to voice my feelings on this matter, as it is HIGHLY
relevant to our purported joint quest for physical immortality.

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