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Date: Sun Dec 23 2001 - 08:36:06 MST

On 2001.12.23, Mike Lorrey <> wrote:
> While I support free markets, I also support anti-dumping laws. The
> degree to which the Indian government subsidizes its domestic computer
> industry indicates that this is a case of labor dumping. Dumping is NOT
> free trade.

Do you have any evidence of the Indian governent subsidizing its
domestic computer industry?

When USD$100 in Indian rupees is an extremely good daily wage in
India (where an 80K USD salary is roughly $300 daily before taxes
and not including company-paid benefits) ... why would you even
consider having domestic computer industry, let alone waste resources
trying to subsidize one?

Move to India, work as an off-shore programmer for US clients,
eat authentic Indian food and live like a king in India. What's
so wrong with that?

(You could have housekeepers, a chauffer, and lots of other
amenities that average people in the US can hardly afford.)

-- Dossy

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