Accelerating Universe?

Date: Sat Dec 22 2001 - 14:49:23 MST

A short article from New Scientist (dec 15, 2001) dreived from this paper in
Physics Archives:

Lil' New Scientist Article states:

Go-Faster Universe may just be a trick of the light

<<SIGNS that the expansion of the universe is accelerating may be an
illusion. Scientists think particles called axions might create the mirage by
hijacking light as it travels the cosmos.

Three years ago, cosmologists found that very distant supernova explosions
are fainter then they should be. This suggested that space had been stretched
more than expected as it sped toward earth, so that it had to travel farther.
They universe appeared to be expanding faster and faster (New Scientist, 11
April 1998 p 26).

With scientists struggling to explain what force could drive this
acceleration, a team is the US has come up with an alternative explanation.
They say that the light is dimming because some photons turn into axions on
the way to Earth....>>

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