Re: Local Groups Wanted!

From: Dossy (
Date: Fri Dec 21 2001 - 11:27:12 MST

On 2001.12.21, Lee Daniel Crocker <> wrote:
> > -Areas that could use an ExI Local Group
> > -People who would be willing to lead such a group
> > -Ideas on what you feel such a group should provide
> I'd be interested in a simple geographic survey

Could someone who has access to the ExI membership database
give us a summary of memberships showing count by state?

SELECT state, COUNT(*) AS members
FROM member_table
GROUP BY state

I'm sure this would really help identify where a potential
ExI Local Group would be useful, but doesn't exist.

I tried (briefly) to try and set up a Extropian Gathering
on the ExI-East list, but that flopped. Perhaps it's because
I suck as a facilitator; perhaps there's just not enough
members in the New Jersey area, or at least not enough
with an interest to meet others face-to-face.

-- Dossy

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