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> My NT sister tells me that NTs have some common traits such as, they don't
> like direct communication. They only permit direct corrective
> communication with those they admit as superiors (father; boss; priest) or
> else their closest friends, with whom they will exercise the same right in
> return. Because of this, they have a set of practices (innately) that
> communicate indirectly what they won't say directly. If a person at a
> party is saying something wrong, no one will correct that person, but they
> will have different facial expressions, or will walk away, or turn their
> bodies away. The NT transgressor is expected to pick this up and alter his
> own behavior. Failure to do so is interpreted as intentional offense.
> >>
> An intentional offense? Really??!! This truly surprises me.....but could be
> very enlightening too!

There is a group psychological tendency to think that members of other
groups are more similar than the members of one's own group - be it
extropians or NTs. The social interaction above is very culturally
defined, although I think the core behavior of avoiding direct
relationship-straining confrontation is fairly universal. In some
cultures it is very wrong to contradict what others have said, in others
people gladly make semi-offensive statements in order to provoke an
enlivening discussion. The above observation doesn't seem to be
universally true.

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