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Date: Thu Dec 20 2001 - 21:36:58 MST

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 My NT sister tells me that NTs have some common traits such as, they don't
 like direct communication. They only permit direct corrective
 communication with those they admit as superiors (father; boss; priest) or
 else their closest friends, with whom they will exercise the same right in
 return. Because of this, they have a set of practices (innately) that
 communicate indirectly what they won't say directly. If a person at a
 party is saying something wrong, no one will correct that person, but they
 will have different facial expressions, or will walk away, or turn their
 bodies away. The NT transgressor is expected to pick this up and alter his
 own behavior. Failure to do so is interpreted as intentional offense.
An intentional offense? Really??!! This truly surprises me.....but could be
very enlightening too!


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