Re: NDEs (was observations)

From: John Grigg (
Date: Tue Dec 18 2001 - 22:32:09 MST

Kai Becker wrote:
IMO, this would only prove that the subject experience something. It would be no evidence of an afterlife or god or anything outside our current
scientific knowledge.

Such an evidence would be for example if the subject could communicate with each other or with other entities during the experience _and_ prove this
communication afterwards. They have to bring back something (knowledge?) that they didn't have before and that can be shown to others.

I TOTALLY AGREE with your demand for evidence!! If you, myself, and several others all agreed we interacted with each other and had many specific details in common, I would find that rather conclusive evidence.

But, ONLY if we are awakened in separate quarters and then interviewed to gather up all the details of the person's experience. This would avoid story "cross-contamination."

At this point I don't see how an unbiased observer could write the experiment off. Unless they claimed there had been fraud, or a "mass hallucination." I would invite the observer to join the next group to go through the process. lol! Right Damien?? ;)

you continued:
Nice idea, btw. I think I would volunteer under certain circumstances.

Kai, you must be a brave man. I think I am brave enough, but I would do it through gritted teeth. Should my great-uncle leave his vast fortune to me(lol!) I will remind you of your willingness to volunteer! Before going ahead with that I would make all of Alcor's dreams come true.

Anyway, it would be hard to get a top flight medical team for such an unorthodox experiment. If only I had the money...

best wishes,


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