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Date: Tue Dec 18 2001 - 09:14:06 MST

"Eliezer S. Yudkowsky" wrote:
> Mike Lorrey wrote:
> >
> > One thing to worry about, though, will be people objecting to the idea
> > that the earthbound view of the moon would be somehow altered by large
> > scale construction of solar farms there. This can easily be countered by
> > TV ads showing computer generated before and after images showing
> > absolutely no recognisable change at human-capable resolution (it might
> > be even more effective if used at resolutions equivalent to that of some
> > other animals, like eagles, etc).
> Who says that the current view is optimal? In fact, if you position the
> solar collectors exactly right, you might be able to arrange for nights of
> the new moon to be graced by a glowing symbol where the circle of
> blackness used to be.

I am speaking from the point of view of those who see an intrinsic value
in the naturally created 'man in the moon' face pattern on the surface
of the near side. Altering this view would likely create significant

Up here in NH, we have the state symbol, the "Old Man of the Mountain"
natural granite rock formation which, when viewed from the north,
resembles the craggy face of an old man. This formation has long been
unstable due to spalling and other weather related cracking and shifting
of the rock, and has been held together for several decades now with
cable netting anchored into the cliff face. In the 1970's, when the feds
were trying to route I-93 through the Franconia Notch below the
formation, the state residents grew worried that the dynamite blasting
for the roadwork below would shake the formation loose and cause it to
fall apart, so the road was limited to a single lane in each direction
for several miles on either side of the notch.

This sort of 'conservation' has little to do with preserving ecosystems,
wildlife, etc., it has to do with an innate need in most humans for
stability in their surroundings.

> Only nights of the new moon, of course; otherwise
> it wouldn't look right. I think the symbol should be a Nike swoosh (so
> funding won't be a problem). Once a month, all the people in oppressed
> countries could look up into the night, and know that no matter how long
> it takes, no matter how much it costs, someday a McDonalds will rise above
> the rubble of the palaces of tyrants. It would be the softly glowing
> corporate logo of hope.

Just don't sell any airtime to CBS.... ;)

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