Re: SPACE/EVOLUTION: Fissics for jackasses...

Date: Mon Dec 17 2001 - 00:59:12 MST

Hmm... What about that stuff that makes up the vacuum? Zero Point What?
Doesn't THAT have a repulsive effect? So...

...what if THAT caused the pre-matter-condensation inflation thing that
happened right after the big bang. Just a thought, but couldn't've hydrogen
et al (matter), have come along and slowed THAT down for a few billion years
(gravity), but gravity wasn't enough to stop THE expansion?? Then...

...we came along... ...whatever...

NOW, matter is becoming more and more diffuse because the expansion is
stronger than gravity... And NOW the repulsive force is getting
stronger again and creating an event horizen that is shrinking in radius as
the universe speeds up....

Question: If and when will the cosmic horizen shrink to the tip of our noses?


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