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From: John Clark (
Date: Sun Dec 16 2001 - 23:54:19 MST

Samantha Atkins <> Wrote:

> I could go into exactly why the Taliban and many in that area
> have reason to hate the US or at least its policies. But I would be
>repeating myself. Hint: It is not because we are infidels

Lousy hint because they do hate us because we're infidels, or more
specifically successful infidels. They hate the fact that we're rich and
despite siting on top of most of the world's oil they are not. Most of all
they hate the western popular culture that is spreading all over the world
and the fact that the Taliban popular culture is not.

>stop the knee-jerk support of Israel.

Oh no, I agree with you on something! I'd better reexamine my position.

>Remove our military bases from Muslim holy lands.

If you think the root of these problems is a few hundred American
soldiers in Saudi Arabia a thousand miles from Mecca you live in
a delusional world.

> Stop manipulating the governments of countries

You mean do something that no other country has ever done, or even tried
to do in the entire history of the world? It's not going to happen nor should it.

>Stop bombing Iraq and lift the sanctions.

Samantha I beg you, consider the implications of what you are saying.
Saddam Hussein's Iraq has the second largest oil reserves in the world,
today he would also own of the first and third largest too and thus control
the world economy if he hadn't been defeated militarily (and I'll bet you
opposed that too, tell me if I'm wrong). Here is a man who invaded his neighbors,
slowly tortured and murdered his political opponents, spent billions on chemical
and biological weapons while his subjects live in poverty and children starved,
here is a man who dropped nerve gas bombs on his own people, a man who
is frothing at the mouth to obtain nuclear weapons, and how do you advise
dealing with a man like that, what do we do the next time he decides to engage
in murder at the wholesale level? Well, we certainly can't do anything militarily,
we can't do anything economically either, and considering your well known
horror of insults (directed at anybody but me that is) we can't even give him a
good tongue lashing as we might hurt poor Saddam's feelings, the only method
you advises in dealing with such creatures is always slight variations on the
same basic theme, be nice to people and people will be nice to you. Well, that
might work on Sesame Street but it won't work on the Arab street or in Baghdad.
Samantha the unfortunate truth is that monsters exist and the only way to deal
with them is to put a bullet in their brain.

THOUGHT EXPERIMENT: Society A is run along lines Samantha Atkins would
approve of, Society B is ruled by Saddam Hussein. I don't think there can be any
serious doubt of the outcome, Society B lives Society A does not.

>reading bin Laden in context does not lead me to believe he thinks
>all who are not Islamic fundamentalist should be killed.

Yea, I'd think the same thing, if I ignored what he said, and what he did.
It's really astounding that even after seeing that horrible video tape where he's
laughing at the death of thousands you're still making excuses for that animal.
Bin laden is not a man you compromise with, he is not a man you want to have
a meeting of minds with, he's a man you want to put a bullet in the brain of.

> We need to stop acting like global bullies

What a incredibly distorted world view! Thousands of innocent Americans
are butchered by ignorant immoral barbarians but it is the Americans that
are the bullies. Well, at least your advice is consistent.

          John K Clark

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