RE: Sincere questions of identity + ethical questions regarding " copies"

From: Neil Blanch (
Date: Sun Dec 16 2001 - 21:41:37 MST

There is an annual collection of short SF edited by Gardner Dazois - (I
think it's called "The Mammoth Book of the Year's Best SF" - something like
that anyway) - this collection is always good value and really does cover
the year's best...anyway, last year's collection (2000) had a fantastic
story in it (not sure of the title or author but I'm pretty sure it's the
first one) that deal's very nicely with the whole idea of copies & the
ethics involved, using the idea of copies being kept for purely sentimental
reasons, literally performing the same function as wedding photos. Revealing
more of the plot would ruin the story but it is very well worth looking up,
with some intelligent (and quite disturbing) ideas voiced in a nicely
handled plot that sacrifices little as a story, while still being very much
a fiction of ideas.

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