Re: Thoughts on death

From: Ken Clements (
Date: Sun Dec 16 2001 - 21:12:56 MST

"G.P." wrote:

> Yes, death has been a tool of evolution, and we owe it the development of our mind. But I believe our mind itself can now offer evolution a much better tool.

I saw your note in a huge batch of email when I got back to my computer after spending the last five days in the hospital watching my father die. Naturally, I concur completely and send you my condolences.

My father was 90 years old, and had had a very full life. Although I would have liked to have preserved him, the twentieth century was his time and he did not want to wake up in a future that he felt he would not understand. Also, my religious mother was quite firm about having him waiting for her in the afterlife. He never believed in such things, but having gone first, he was
somewhat stuck in this deal.

He was a great lover of literature, philosophy, and classical music, and I will dearly miss the time I spent trying to help him understand the meaning of the advancement of science and technology.


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