Re: some U.S. observations and notes

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Dec 16 2001 - 10:49:54 MST

> Spike Jones wrote:
> > For the Taliban to hold the US responsible for the actions of
> > the Saudi government, the Israeli government, and Christian
> > missionaries, and to express their anger by slaying innocent
> > US citizens is the most reprehensible act I can imagine. I do
> > not see how we could legitimately negotiate with such people. spike
> Samantha Atkins wrote: I did not say negotiate. I said note where we
> are acting in
> ways that are not right and change them. There is a difference. -s.

I know of no ways we are acting that are not right. Where would
we get that information if not thru negotiation? That information
must come thru legitimate governments. If the taliban have a
problem with American troops in Saudi, they must take it up with
the Saudi government. Likewise with the Israeli government. Are
they afraid to do this? Why? As for the christian missionaries, the
Taliban need to take up that issue with the Afganistan government,
and not allow the christians into the country. Bombing buildings is
not the way to get the message across. spike

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