Re: Teranesia

From: Andrew Clough (
Date: Sat Dec 15 2001 - 22:41:24 MST

You know, there are already five books by Masamune Shirow (of Ghost in the
Shell fame) that bear the same name, four of which have been translated to
English. I feel confusion coming.

>Another that I'm anticipating eagerly is John Clute's APPLESEED, which has
>been available in the UK for months and arrives from Tor in the States next
>month. Several amazingly different reviews are at:
>I dedicated one of my theoretical books thus:
> For John Clute
> the world's finest science fiction critic
>I hope that his pomo/posthuman novel proves as interestingly delightful
>(and thorny) as his criticism.
>Damien Broderick

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