FWD [forteana] Dreams & Lies (videotape of bin Laden)

From: Terry W. Colvin (fortean1@mindspring.com)
Date: Sat Dec 15 2001 - 16:16:51 MST

If you have not read the complete transcript of the now infamous videotape
of Osama Bin Laden's discussion of the events of 9-11, you should. It was
published in its entirety in today's Dallas News, and I am sure that it is
available at dallasnews.com as well as many other news websites.

As one who has lived and travelled in that Middle Eastern region (three
times to Saudi Arabia), I know how people think, how their thoughts jump
from one idea to another in a different way than, for example, an American
way of thinking and talking. Thus, this videotape seems quite authentic to
me, and I have no doubt of its validity. Two things surprise me: (1) that
the conversation was even recorded on videotape in the first place (which
indicates a certain "vanity" on the part of someone who was present at this
discussion); and (2) that there were so many praises to Allah during the
course/flow of the conversation (but I suppose that if you are such
fanatics, then that would be "de rigueur", so to speak).

All of the talk about dreams and premonitions is most intriguing, I think.
At one point in the tape, Bin Laden remarks: "We were at a camp of one of
the brother's guards in Kandahar. This brother belonged to the majority of
the group. He came close and told me that he saw, in a dream, a tall
building in America, and in the same dream he saw Mukhtar teaching them how
to play karate. At that point, I was worried that maybe the secret would
be revealed if everyone starts seeing it in their dream. So I closed the
subject. I told him if he sees another dream, not to tell anybody, because
people will be upset with him."


Flashback to early August. Six ultra-fundamentalist Pentecostal
missionaries, including two young Texas women from Baylor University, got
arrested in Kabul on charges of proselytizing Christianity. None of them
should have been there in the first place, the idiots, but that is beside
the point. They vehemently denied the charges, and during the September
events, their trial was underway. The Taliban accused them of distributing
Bibles and engaging in other illegal Christian activities in Afghanistan.
They denied all the charges, but I myself suspected that they were lying.
At the time I was really wondering what the Taliban would end up doing to
these people. But it never happened, and they were freed and eventually
came home. The two Texas women met Bush at the White House and have given
media interviews since then.

Guess what? Now they are bragging about how they were secretly trying to
convert these Moslems to Christianity by telling them the story of Jesus
and giving them copies of the Bible and other literature. So they lied,
not only to the Taliban but to the press. They did not have the courage to
stand up and be counted as "Christian soldiers" who were ordered by St.
Paul to "go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature".
These hypocritical Pentecostals "denied Him thrice", as St. Peter did.

Conclusion : I predict that when these would-be Texas missionary
Pentecostal women stand before the Dreadful Throne of Judgment, confronting
their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they will be banished to Hell along
with Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaida. Christian cowardice is certainly as
great a sin in the eyes of "Jesus" as Islamic terrorism, n'est-ce pas?

Sweet Dreams. Roberto

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