Re: Thoughts on death

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sat Dec 15 2001 - 12:25:21 MST

> Barbara Lamar wrote:...She went off into a rant about how that would be
> going against God's will. It was useless to try to point out to her that all
> medical procedures have the aim of prolonging life (the will of the god she
> worships is apparently for people to live short, meaningless lives). Barbara

She should be introduced to Seventh Day Adventist philosophy. They
teach that it is gods will that humans should live long and healthy lives,
ideally forever, and that it is satan's will that man should die (so death and
evil are all satans fault). Most religions have no good answer for how god
can be both all powerful and all good, since good people suffer. SDA has
toyed with a god-model where god *really isnt all powerful* and
cannot necessarily save sinners indefinitely.

Note that among the early SDAs were many health reformers and
encouragers of vegetarianism, such as John Harvey Kellogg, the
inventor of corn flakes and other breakfast foods. I figure if any
christian religion ever gets behind cryonics, it will be SDA, since
they will see cryonics and other radical life extension techniques
as being in accordance with the will of god. Christians, in general,
often find reasons against cryonics within the framework of their
beliefs, however, I have yet to find a single SDA who can think
of any aspect of their religion which is in opposition to cryonics.

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