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From: Kai Becker (
Date: Sat Dec 15 2001 - 04:17:45 MST

Am Samstag, 15. Dezember 2001 07:04 schrieb Spike Jones:
> I have a vision of what future weapons will be like. These might not
> even be recognizable as weapons, at least not in the sense that we
> know weapons today. [...] Sufficiently advanced weaponry
> would destroy the memes that motivate the Taliban to do the
> inhuman acts they carried out on such a massive scale.

You mean, a remote brain wash to "make them like we are" would be an
ethical solution? Isn't that exactly what they tried, with todays primitive
technology? IMO, they succeeded. Two billion people are in fear of two
thousand fanatics. Liberal, free countries go for suppressive,
pre-democratic rules, where people are put into jail because of their skin,
beard or accent. The self-proclaimed leading nation for human rights,
freedom and equality thinks about torture and secret tribunals.

See, there you have a massive change of a meme system.

I understand that the US-american law system is still stuck in
seventeenhundretsomething, but should we really follow the terrorists right
into the middle ages?

Now, to get on-topic, what would be the appropriate action to perform a
likewise change of the extreme fundamentalist meme system (Taliban as well
as Ashcroft...) into a liberal, more extropian? Certainly not bombs on


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