Re: New website: The Simulation Argument

Date: Fri Dec 14 2001 - 16:26:08 MST

Scerir observed:

<<Summing up: there is _some_ possibility that a quantum net
    might exist, routing (and storing) superluminal "signals" or
    "influences". Or (maybe) not?

     -s. >>

Please consider and dismiss, if desired, these two papers by theorist P.A.
Zizzi, from the University di Padova, Dipartimento di Astronomia. I say this
because his works seem related to Tom Stonier's (whom I was unaware of tell I
read your posts).
"The Early Universe as a Quantum Growing Network"
"Ultimate Internets"

Scerir continues...
<<"An infon" - he writes - "is a photon whose wavelength has been
stretched to infinity", and conversely, "a photon is an infon travelling
at the speed of light", and also "at velocities other than c, a quantum
of energy becomes converted into a quantum of information - an infon".

Finally Stonier thinks that "the hole left in an atomic shell by a lost
electron, consitutes a particulate form of information, i.e., an infon",
and that "To fermions and bosons, therefore, we need to add a third
class of particles - infons. The first two represent the particulate
manifestation of matter and energy. Infons represent the particulate
manifestation of information; they include particles such as phonons,
excitons, and the holes left in atomic shells by ejected electrons."

What can I say ... that's terrible, imo.>>

If I was to go even farther then Stonier's conjecture, and ask: Is it
probable that perhaps all data about the universe, including such preposte
rous, things, as a dog relieving himself on a street in Oslo, Norway in 1968;
as well as the creation of the Great Attractor, 10 billion years ago, be
'intellectually viable' as an implication of Stonier's hypothesis?

Again, this question may call for strong drink or prozac, to even ponder. :-(

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