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My Reaction: Wow! Where and How are these information level stored???!!
They must have "emerged" as a production of natural selection, both
biological and otherwise?
Did Stonier suggest that there is a process that converts matter and energy
into information?

Yes, unfortunately Tom Stonier suggested something like that,
in his "Information and the Internal Structure of the Universe".

He starts with lamba = h [(1 - (v/c)^2)^1/2] / v m_0
and then he writes that lambda becomes infinite
with particles whose rest mass is zero and v = c.

"An infon" - he writes - "is a photon whose wavelength has been
stretched to infinity", and conversely, "a photon is an infon travelling
at the speed of light", and also "at velocities other than c, a quantum
of energy becomes converted into a quantum of information - an infon".

Finally Stonier thinks that "the hole left in an atomic shell by a lost
electron, consitutes a particulate form of information, i.e., an infon",
and that "To fermions and bosons, therefore, we need to add a third
class of particles - infons. The first two represent the particulate
manifestation of matter and energy. Infons represent the particulate
manifestation of information; they include particles such as phonons,
excitons, and the holes left in atomic shells by ejected electrons."

What can I say ... that's terrible, imo.

The philosopher:J. B. Kennedy ["On the Empirical Foundations
of the Quantum No-Signalling Proofs", Phil. Sci., 62, 543-560
(1995)] states that any proof that QM cannot support superluminal
signalling, by using entanglement, is essentially circular. He argued
by way of digging into the historical references, finding, for instance,
von Neumann's original motivation for introducing the tensor product
rule, for combining Hilbert spaces, it was essentially to block the
possibility of superluminal "signalling".

Now, assume that some superluminal "signalling" - or, at least,
some superluminal "influence" - is possible, between entangled
systems (and quantum systems _might_ be entangled, for
cosmological reasons, who knows?).

Assume also that the entanglement can be modelled by the
classical knot theory. To be more specific: any kind of
entanglement (or disentanglement) seems to be modelled
by Borromean rings, and/or by Hopf rings, and/or by Brunnian
rings. Thus it can be shown that there are entanglements,
in many-particle systems, which are very peculiar. In example
particle A can be in a space-time region remote (space-like
separated) from particle B and from particle C, yet an event
befalling A influences strongly the _mutual_ relationship of B
and C.

Summing up: there is _some_ possibility that a quantum net
might exist, routing (and storing) superluminal "signals" or
"influences". Or (maybe) not?


Borromean (et al.) rings

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