RE: Sincere Questions on Identity

From: Dickey, Michael F (
Date: Fri Dec 14 2001 - 07:50:56 MST

From: Harvey Newstrom []

Clint O'Dell wrote,
> As a joke, while the two beings with identical memories,
> etc. are sleeping the doctors decide to put you both in a human shuffling
> machine where when each person came out nobody knew who was who.
> Now both beings wake up. Which one is you?

"The question is imprecise. "You" is a pronoun that could refer to anybody.
Every reader of this message on this list is thinking about a different
person when they read that pronoun. Which of them is the real "you" that
was specified? There is no real answer because the question is imprecise."

Indeed, I would contend that the question and answer are pointless, simply
because one of them *must* be the original, and therefore have experienced
continuity of consciousness. Simply because we dont know which one it was
doesnt meant that it wasnt one of them.


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