Re: Beamer & Higgs

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Fri Dec 14 2001 - 01:17:23 MST

At 11:32 PM 12/13/01 -0800, Olga Bourlin wrote:

>Scientist proposes beaming electricity to Earth from the moon

The latest ish of NEW SCIENTIST (well, the one in my local library) sez the
current revival of microwaved power from space proposes a long string of
photovoltaics radial to the earth, in independent orbit. Doing it on the
moon makes sense (aside from beam spread) if you can build the buggers by
remote control out of lunar stuff, but I don't know that the relevant
goodies are lying around up there.

Another interesting piece in the same issue declared that the Higgs
particle is now a non-starter; the search has covered 70% of the likely
energy regions and the cupboard is bare. The Standard model is falling
apart. And supersymmetry is worse off, since it needs several Higgsons, one
of which falls squarely in the energy region that's now been shown to be

Damien Broderick

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