ROBOT: A "build our own robot" contest in Illinois (founded by Dean Kamen)

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Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 21:26:30 MST

The FIRST LEGO League is a high-tech sporting event that
challenges teams of students, ranging in age from 9 to
14 years old, to design, program and build fully
autonomous robots using the LEGO MINDSTORMS Robotics
Invention Systemô. Teams, consisting of seven to ten
children and an adult coach, are given a problem
that requires them to create a programmed robot capable
of implementing their unique solution to successfully
complete the Challenge. Approximately 98 teams
comprising 700 students will compete in the Illinois
Competition. It will be held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at
the Forest View Field House at 2121 S. Goebbert Road
in Arlington Heights and the public is invited to

This year's challenge, ARCTIC IMPACT requires teams to
build a robot that can match the challenges found in the
coldest regions of our world. At the Illinois
Tournament, teams have the chance to compete for awards
in areas where their team has excelled, including:
programming, mechanical design, strategy, problem
solving, sportsmanship and teamwork. Teams are also
asked to use their expertise to analyze the data and
theorize "whether the cause of global climate changes
are directly related to human interference, or if the
Earth is experiencing a natural patterned cycle."

"FIRST LEGO League is about reaching these kids when
it's important," says FIRST Founder, Dean Kamen. "This
is a crucial time in their lives and the more positive
experiences they have with science, math and technology,
the better chance they have for success in their future.
The FIRST LEGO League program does what no other program
does in that it gets the disinterested, interested by
showing these kids that they can succeed in science
and math and they can have a blast doing it!"

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