RE: Sincere Questions on Identity

From: Emlyn O'regan (
Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 17:50:52 MST

Lee wrote:
> In the context of the discussion, if there is no way to tell
> the difference between two atom-for-atom copies of something,
> it cannot make any possible rational difference which one is
> chosen for any reason. "Identity" is not a measurable property
> of matter like mass or charge. It is an arbitrary choice made
> for the purpose of reasoning and communication. A convenient
> short-cut for talking about relationships between matter and
> different points of spacetime.

Except that, from the point of view of either of the copies, it is clear who
is the original... he/she is. Everyone else in the universe might view them
identically, but surely the two of them will be able to rationally assign
assymetrical values to each copy. That is, each of these two identical
conscious beings possess a unique ability to measure the difference between
the two.


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