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Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 02:49:38 MST

I thought it was kind of funny I didn't see it on the news. At first I
thought it was a hoax, but then that CNN report made me not to sure about

I admit. I was fooled. Guess it's an exercise of my skeptism. I need to work
more at it.

Clint O'Dell

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Further refutation at the Urban Legends site:

   Now, fourteen years later, people have begun to wonder about the
   web site at, which purports to chronicle
   the efforts of one Lee Mingwei to carry off the "first human male
   pregnancy." The site hosts video clips of "Mr. Lee," an ultrasound
   video of his "baby," an "interview" in which he explains why he's doing
   this, a discussion of how male pregnancy is scientifically possible,
   and a chat room where visitors can discuss the "social implications"
   of male pregnancies.

   Is this for real? No. It is, like its sister site at (where you can "Create your own genetically
   healthy child online!"), an exercise in speculative fantasy. Follow
   the links from the "Credits" section, and eventually you'll find a
   disclaimer which reads:

   This site ("Site") was created to be an exploration of a very likely
   scenario that may one day result from new advances in biotechnology
   and infertility treatments. The Site itself does not provide actual
   commercial services, and the information contained on the Site is
   not represented as being factually accurate. This is a fictitious
   web site created by a single artist.

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