Re: The First Human Male Pregnancy

Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 17:55:59 MST


>Gotta be a hoax. Those are fake news stories. I couldn't find the
supposed CNN one on their web site. The guy's a performance artist.<

Now, if someone said that "Primo 3M+" is a hoax and a fake image, I'd wonder why he lacked a sense of inventiveness and conception -:) We artists summon up a blank slate in our brains and fillit with all sorts of conceptions. This artist has a vivid imagination and a sense of marketing and commerical design. I like his work very much. In fact, I think "Malepregnancy" is a fantastic example of conceptual art realized in genre. Very extropic.

I haven't had time to read each page, I more or less skimmed the layout and imagery.

I don't think he is a Performance Artist, but a Filmmaker and net.artist.




> I thought you guys, gals, and transhumans would enjoy reading this article.
> The first male pregnancy. Am I always the last to know?

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