Re: power the world on urine! (was Re: photochemical advance)

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Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 10:33:24 MST> <>
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Dossy wrote:
> On 2001.12.11, Mike Lorrey <> wrote:
> > In season, but also highly intermittent. Drinking lots of water doesn't
> > help increase your power output either, since that just dilutes the
> > concentration of uric acid. Intermittent energy sources are highly
> > unreliable, and therefore are considered to be low value.
> The question is, if I peed into my urine-powered clock before
> I went to bed every night, would it provide enough power so that
> it would keep good time when I woke up 8 hours later?
> If so, then it could be useful. I'd spend less money on water/waste
> (I'd be peeing into my clock instead of my toilet) and I'd have
> a clock that I didn't have to pay electricity for.

How about setting up some solenoids on your mattress frame tied into an
alarm clock, that would shake you awake when the appointed time arrives.
You pee in your bed (so you don't even need to get out of bed to charge
it), and the mattress acts as the battery for your alarm clock... of
course, I don't promise that you'll have many bed partners.

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