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Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 10:16:25 MST

Brian D Williams wrote (11.12.2001/07:12) :
> Seven Simple Steps to Personnal Freedom
> Gerry Spence

I've recently enjoyed Harry Browne's "How I found freedom in an unfree
world" (ISBN : 0965603679), and in fact, relating to a recent
discussion on the list, there are some nice recommendations about
sexual jealousy in it, too !

Some of the ideas I recall in no order on that topic are that 1) by
"forcing" someone not to entertain relationships with others you only
increase the interest they have in such relationships (and the
tendency they have to idealize the potential other mates), and so you
only put yourself into more trouble; 2) a trick he proposes to smooth
the jealousy is to picture in your mind the worst imaginable things,
the most dreaded, which he thinks will de-sensitivize (??) you about
it; 3) it is not even in your interest to have your partner
constrained in any way ; and if it is too much of a struggle to get
along you should probably look for someone else. (a recurrent theme in
the book being that you should not try to change people)

Relating to the last point, I personnaly always was very impressed by
the variability of characters, and specifically of sexual preferences.
It really seems that, "à chacun sa chacune" as French say, in other
words : every one can find his/her perfect match, however weird one
may seem to some.

In an evolutionary thinking context, I find this huge variability
thought-provoking -- though I am not sure what conclusion to draw
about it.

Relating to the second point, I would give this as an exercise for an
author : get rid of your jealousy by writing a text. It's the kind of
magical power a good writer has.


PS : Harry Browne's book did remind me about a recent and very nice
and funny French film (I don't know if it was distributed outside
France) which is in fact called "Harry, un ami qui vous veut du bien"
(!) (, in which a
character named Harry, out of a desire to help his friend, ends up
killing his parents, and (almost) his wife, as they seem to be "in the
way" of his friend's happiness...

Brian D Williams a écrit (11.12.2001/07:12) :
> Seven Simple Steps to Personnal Freedom
> Gerry Spence
> ISBN 0-312-28444-6
> U.S. $19.95
> I have spent the last couple of days reading this book during my
> daily commute. A relatively small and simple volume by noted
> attorney Gerry Spence, I am enjoying it, and figured any fan of
> freedom would.
> Brian
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