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Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 01:49:00 MST

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Am Dienstag, 11. Dezember 2001 06:54 schrieb Spike Jones:
> They had a V8 which turned off
> 4 cylinders under light loads, then would add in 2 more then the
> remaining 2 under high demand. Kinda sounds good but did not
> work out well in practice.

AFAIK, DaimlerChrysler uses this technique in the V8 and V12 machines (new
Daimler S-class). At least this is what the people who build the engine
have told me. But these engines are not what I'd call an efficient, energy
conserving machine. Over 360 horse powers for a limousine, with the coming
bi-turbo over 450HP - to carry 4 people plus baggage...


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