Re: Human faithfullness [was Re: Fwd: Lanier essay of 2001.12.04]

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Date: Mon Dec 10 2001 - 06:04:37 MST

On 2001.12.09, Robert J. Bradbury <> wrote:
> I always solved the concept of jealousy and faithfulness by
> informing girlfriends I would simply determine whether or not
> a child was mine. That approach rationalizes jealousy very
> quickly.

(Sorry to produce yet another reply to this so late in the
thread ...)

Robert, do you know who your biological father (or biological
parents) are?

How certain are you that they are indeed your true biological
parents, particularly your father?

Did you observe infidelity between your parents as you were
growing up? Was the question of you being your father's
biological child ever brought up while you were growing up?

I've yet to dig into it, but I've got Sternberg's book on
Love Patterns sitting here, but his idea sounds very reasonable
to me. Perhaps it might explain your attitude towards
jealousy and faithfulness. Perhaps it won't.

-- Dossy

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