RE: ambient traffic levels for a life extension site

From: Reason (
Date: Sun Dec 09 2001 - 15:10:44 MST

-->Robert J. Bradbury

> > noise level traffic: 150 sessions/week
> > high level: 1500 sessions/week
> Are you filtering out the robots? The Aeiveos web site
> got to the point where the majority of the traffic was
> robots scanning the site. After a while I had to crack
> down on them. I've got some scripts that now process
> the log files into "regular traffic" and "robot traffic"
> so I can differentiate. If you know perl and are interested
> in taking a look at them send me a note.

Those figures are filtered for spiders, or at least for things that identify
themselves as such. I'd be interested in seeing how you differentiate.

> I was always disappointed that much of the traffic for
> the Aeiveos site turned out to be for people looking
> up information on melatonin and DHEA. It made the
> maintenance of the scientific pages a less than rewarding
> exercise.

In my case, the web site is really somewhat secondary to the long term goals
of activism and community building. It's a tool, a flag, etc. So I'm really
in the business of creating a market for the things I put up there, rather
than putting up the things that current markets want. Although there is some

I think that the principal thing I've (re)learned is that the bulk mass of
people don't autonomously visit special interest web sites. They do read
autonomously read e-mail, however, and will follow links embedded in e-mail.
Hence my current focus on getting a mail distribution list hooked up to this


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