Re: Wired article (not online)

Date: Sun Dec 09 2001 - 03:15:59 MST

<<But I doubt in the short term we have the conversion capacity for this to
be particularly useful. As with many other things its the inertia against
the rapid construction of manufacturing capacity that hangs you out to dry.


Yes, indeed. But with the death of 3500 Americans, in the attacks on the WTC,
and DC, I, for one, would rather build such conversion plants, in My Back
Yard, then fill Wahabbi pockets, so they can turn around and undermine
America. Consider me the 1st anti-NIMBY on the list. IMBY? Inertia may give
if patriotism supervenes gas tank prices, although this requires determined
leadership, as well as anti-market sensibilities.

Economics, despite the dry crunch of numbers, is also the observation of
crowd behavior when they buy and sell things. The science is dispassionate,
but the subjects themselves are emphatically not. Lets build the plants, pay
more, and sink the Islamic Fundies, whose stupidities have caused so much
sorrow in the world.

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