ambient traffic levels for a life extension site

From: Reason (
Date: Sun Dec 09 2001 - 03:09:04 MST

I recall that someone said they'd be interested in knowing how much traffic
the Longevity Meme ( would be kicking up. I haven't
been promoting for a month or two; a combination of procrastination,
carnivorous day job, determination of specific direction, and looking for a
suitable e-mail distribution list solution.

[If anyone has any good suggestions on mailing list/distribution list
software that can be customized to fit an existing database, I'm all ears].

So anyhow;

        noise level traffic: 150 sessions/week
        high level: 1500 sessions/week

        Most popular section: articles by various notables

        When your site has such low ambient traffic, it's interesting to watch the
        effect of someone putting out deep links to mailing lists. At least I
        that that is what is happening.

        I notice that 5% of the traffic comes from Australia. Wonder how that came
about? :)

Compare this with a several-years-old site I own (
that contains unadvertised content of interest to a specific subset of
(computer game) AI developers. That site has been running from a noise level
of 500 to a peak of 1000 sessions/week fairly consistantly for a year now.

I just felt the urge to share this zen-like data that is of no use to anyone
:) It's all to help me get on with being constructive outside the


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