Re: The Cornucopian Fallacies

Date: Sat Dec 08 2001 - 19:50:36 MST

<<For your edification:>>

Consider me somewhat more edified.

<<Simon asserts that we will "dig deeper and pump faster" and find more oil.
One wonders why the oil geologists hadn't thought of that, as U.S. production
goes down and reserves decline>>

Yet, there have been advances and success in new discoveries and recovery of
oil since 1992, when Lindsey Grant wrote this article. its not pump harder
and dig deeper, as the author indicated, but rather, know where to drill, use
the proper geophysical model for extracting petroleum, and be prepared to
wait until the right price comes along.

<<Cornucopians by their nature tend to emphasize solutions where
environmentalists emphasize problems. An interchange can be useful. Do the
environmentalists overstate difficulties and fail to recognize new directions
that can be helpful? Have we explored the opportunities presented by the
oceans, by recent breakthroughs in biology, and by electronics and data
processing as thoroughly as we have explored the dangers from
desertification, deforestation, and acid rain?>>

Well, now the first sentence is a show-stopper for me. If one emphasizes
problems, we now have a guidepost for what the writer is really about, which
is making demands on whomever will pay attention to them. Anyone can present
problems, but coming up with viable solutions is quite another thing. My
admiration for Paul "Population Bomb" Ehrlich ended long ago.

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