EXI: ExI Website undergoing changes

From: Max More (max@maxmore.com)
Date: Fri Dec 07 2001 - 00:28:10 MST

If you haven't been to www.extropy.org in the last few days you won't know
that we have changed its look. The page up right now is not quite the final
look -- it will be tightened up a bit, a search function added, and our new
Webmaster David Wallace Croft has created a version in XML.

Most of the pages linked to from the homepage are very much under
construction, though the work should go quickly now. Please check back at
least weekly to see the site grow. We will have a more extensive update in
the ExI newsletter, Exponent, this weekend.



Max More, Ph.D.
max@maxmore.com or more@extropy.org
Strategic Philosopher
President, Extropy Institute. http://www.extropy.org <more@extropy.org>

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