Re: Could this be IT?

From: G.P. (
Date: Tue Dec 04 2001 - 00:36:33 MST

I have seen it on tv and I definitely look forward to buy one. I
understand it will be sold to consumers in one-two years and by that
time we can be sure there will be already improvements on the current
performance. As it happens, this technology will improve much faster
if other companies are allowed to work on it.
Some other thoughts:
The impact of the segway in Europe may be even bigger than in the US.
We have smaller, more compact, overpopulated cities with shorter
distances and chronical parking problems. At the same time we have
hilly and bumpy city roads, I wonder how the segway performs on those.
One of my first thoughts was, what do I do with the segway once I get
to destination, and how I make sure that it is not stolen. We can be
sure that street kids will learn immediately how to work around
whatever antitheft device is installed. So the best solution is to
carry it to office, shop, friend home, etc. Here weight is a problem,
30 kilos is too much for most people.
Top speed is another issues, 20 km/hour is a step in the good
direction but still too slow for sustained routine use.
Anyway I am sure that in a few years we will be able to buy lighter,
faster and cheaper models, and then the quality of life in cities will
improve a lot.

On Sun, 02 Dec 2001 11:14:36 -0800, Max More <> wrote:

>This was posted on The Drudge report earlier this morning, I am told. It's
>now been removed except for the headline. Could this be IT? We'll find out
>tomorrow. If it is, I don't think it's world-changing, but it's pretty nifty.
>'The Big Idea is to Put a Human Being into a System Where the Machine Acts
>an Extension of your Body'


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