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Date: Tue Dec 04 2001 - 00:22:30 MST

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> With specific regard to chaotic and granular synthesis, I don't think these
> will ever be anything other than a minor curiosity for two reasons. First,
> it is intrinsically difficult for the artist to control the sound with these
> methods, which makes for a very poor canvas for the artist to express
> themselves. Second, the entire spectrum of textures and sounds can be
> created using synthesis methods that are far more artist friendly (i.e.
> sample playback, subtractive, additive, frequency modulation, wave table,
> phase distortion, physical modeling, vector, etc and any combination thereof
> with a healthy dose of modulation routings for good measure).
> ***I would like to add for the record that realtime granular synthesis
> systems have been developed since 1973 in Vancouver by Barry Truax. His
> graduate students are making very user-friendly and fun granular synthesis
> plug-ins and programs. Many software architectures for audio now have
> plug--ins that at least mimic the timbral aspects and interest of granular
> synthesis.

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