Re: New website: The Simulation Argument

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sun Dec 02 2001 - 23:15:36 MST

One question. Exactly why would posthumans run "ancestor
simulations"? Or perhaps I should ask for clarification and
expansion of that phrase.

If it means literally simulating the world of their ancesors and
their ancestors themselves then I hardly see what they would
find meaningful or worthy of their time and resources in that.
It would be an overly complex snow-globe sitting on some
posthuman desk. Pointless and even cruel to the inhabitants

I would find it much more like that some posthumans, especially
early ones, might want to bring some of the deceased into a
future, actual or virtual (if the distinction is meaningful) and
let them have and design new lives and experiences.

There might be some interest in tweaking ancestor simulations to
see if things come out better given various little tweaks I

Proposition (2) looks the most likely assuming (1) is false.

But are we using "sim" as synonymous with all effective virtual
reality situations, that is, universes that run at a different
level than those who created/monitor that universe?

- samantha

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