national capitalism day, 2 dec

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Dec 02 2001 - 16:19:07 MST

The march for capitalism in San Jose today went ahead in spite
of the rain. There were about 30 sign carriers, and about as
many fellow travellers. Logan Darrow, founder of American
Venture magazine, gave a speech, preaching to the choir of
course, but inspirational just the same.

The sound system malfunctioned {surely a socialist plot}. This
was unfortunate indeed, as the place chosen for the start of the
march was directly below the flight path of San Jose International
Airport, a block over from where we had Extro5. Logan's well-
chosen words were completely drowned out for about 30 seconds
about every couple minutes.

We marched up Market Street and over on Santa Clara street
to City Hall. All along the path we chanted clever inspirational
mantras, such as:

Whadda we want?
When do we want it?

No socialists or commies showed up to counterdemonstrate. spike

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